Marketing Strategy

Data-driven results

Looking for assistance with your Marketing Strategy? All the services we offer stem from a data-driven delivery strategy of research, competitor analysis and trend mapping. By examining the macro and micro environments in which your business operates, we’re able to effectively identify fruitful opportunities.


1. Market Research

Conducting market research provides insight into the strengths and opportunities available to your business, allowing you to make informed decisions on your next steps. WISTL can provide real-time insights on market trends and marry these to your target audiences as part of an overarching marketing strategy to drive sales and boost brand exposure.

2. Brand Positioning

Before we begin work on a branding project, the WISTL team will lead a brand discovery meeting to pinpoint your current and desired positions. From this, we create a roadmap detailing the most effective way to achieve your goals using competitor analysis and live market trend data. 

3. Marketing Mix

By identifying your goals and the current market conditions, the WISTL team will produce a coherent strategy that balances a mix of marketing tools to effectively engage with your audience. We can work independently or as an extension of your in-house marketing department to deliver the marketing strategies we produce.

4. Customer Journey

Through strategic customer journey mapping, we’re able to pinpoint how your key markets interact with your marketing touch points and build a strategy that builds on the strengths and addresses the weaknesses. By optimising your marketing collateral, you’re giving your business the best possible chance at converting sales and driving engagement.

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